At Bags To Butterflies, our efforts for giving back go beyond the financial contributions.  Our humanitarian contributions to female returning citizens) are equally important financial contributions.  We are committed to the concept of “people giving to people, so they can give to others.” 

Each year, Bags to Butterflies donates a percentage of our handbag sales to various organizations that support the mental, emotional and financial needs of women.

In November 2015, Bags to Butterflies teamed up with The Pink Fund to create specific designed handbags made from acrylic.  From that imitative, Bags To Butterflies donated twenty percent of the sales proceeds in support of their mission to provide financial assistance to women with breast cancer.

The lives of ech woman is being enhanced and changed through outreach efforts.  We connect them with available resources, support and networking organizations that can make a difference in their lives.  Currently, we are exploring ways to address opportunities forfemale returning citizens to continue their education and ways to bridge the gap of financial literacy.  Moreover, we believe that the positive impact on just one woman's life is far greater than any financial contribution.