The Handbags

At Bags To Butterflies, we design and produce hand-made handbags.  Most of our handbags are constructed from repurposed woods that have slight variations in the wood grain. The variations are not characterized as imperfections, but the character of old materials that have been given new life.  The same new life emphases are shared with each female returning citizen.  Our hands-on approach for our handbag production is used to demonstrate how something old and discarded can be transformed into something beautiful and unique.  Moreover, the ladies are shown how the same transformation can be accomplished in their lives through commitment and perseverance, despite an imperfect past or their imperfections.     

Pieces of an unassembled handbag are used to represent the process for rebuilding one’s life, one step at a time.  Although similar in appearance, each handbag adornment is what makes the handbags distinct and different.  Some of our adornments are made from fused glass that is set in a wooden bezel; no two bezels are alike.  Each handbag, like each of the women in the program, has its own story.